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Yissum: How the Israeli front-runner commercializes innovation

From the cherry tomatoes on your grocery list to the automated on-board driver assistant system ‘MobileEye’ in your car, and the FDA Approved treatment medications; for ovarian cancer ‘Doxil’, chemotherapy ‘Erbitux’, and Alzheimer’s disease ‘Exelon’, Yissum’s world renowned inventions have been making an impact on human lives across the world much longer than we realize. Since 1964 Yissum, the research development company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HIJU) not o [...]

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Motivations For Academics To Cooperate With Industry

Motivations predict behaviour[1] and the motivations for university-business cooperation have been a much-discussed topic in practical and policy forums the world over as well as in scientific literature. The questions so often asked include ‘how can we encourage academic and business people to cooperate more’ and ‘what motivates the different stakeholders to cooperate? With often vastly differing opinions expressed.

Some important [...]

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European Academics Say That They See Themselves As The Main Initiator Of UBC – Business Disagrees

Inarguably, university-business cooperation (UBC) has emerged as one of the main tools for effective knowledge transfer across research and business sectors. The collaboration between academia and industry focuses on practice-based research and the dissemination of research results to the industry, while benefiting both partners, fostering innovation and boosting regional development.

In a practical sense though, the question arises: who is responsible for initiating university-busines [...]

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Unleashing the Potential for University Driven Innovation Ecosystems

There is increasingly greater recognition of the potential for higher education institutions to not only be a key driver in the innovation and human capital supply chains of business, but also to be a key driver in the advancement of their regions. As the Director of the largest international study on the topic of university-business cooperation (UBC) and university engagement, Dr. Todd Davey’s keynote for the 2017 University Industry Interaction Conference is set to reveal key results fro [...]

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Developing university-business cooperation: Is more funding the answer?

In development circles, ‘the big push’, made famous by Jeffrey Sachs’ The End of Poverty, advocates substantial investment through a “comprehensive package of massive aid transfers and widespread reforms that aim to tackle multiple socio-economic pathologies quickly and simultaneously” [1]. This method has generated many critics for its inability to achieve development goals (e.g. alleviate poverty), whilst simultaneously requiring large [...]

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Study into University-Business Cooperation – Opinions Sought

Due to its potential for positive impact on business innovation and skills as well as university engagement and student employability, the European Commission has commissioned a wide-ranging study on cooperation between higher education institutions and public and private organisations in Europe.

Whether you have been involved in university-business cooperation or not, we request your participation to ensure its success and to be able [...]

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Dual Study Programmes and Entrepreneurship Helping Universities

With over 350 attendees, this European Commission’s Thematic UB Forum was one of the biggest yet. Gathering together European delegates around the topic of entrepreneurial universities, innovative businesses, strategic alliances, etc.

The forum opened by a number of inspirational speakers who have been personally involved in entrepreneurial ventures, including the US Ambassador for Austria, Alexa Wesner, and the State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy [...]

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Success rates in Horizon 2020 – funding for all or only a selected few?

Over the past 40 years, there has been a tremendous focus on stimulating education, research and innovation in Europe. Lead by the European Commission, funding of these strategic areas have been through numerous EU Research Framework Programmes (FP1 – FP7), and through the current Horizon 2020 programme, the EU’s largest and most considerably funded research initiative to date. However, most of these funds seemingly go to a select few countries, organisations and people. Considering t [...]