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Why a call for cases?

In order to build an understanding of what is happening between universities and businesses in Europe, organisations working in UBC at a national or regional level need to be represented. For this reason, the consortium invites you to respond to the call for cases.

Across Europe, numerous activities exist to promote UBC among universities and businesses. However, substantial variations exist between different countries and institutions, in whether and how UBC is promoted and developed. For this reason, the project is seeking a broad range of good practice cases from the 33 countries which highlight good practice in university-business cooperation and are therefore inviting contributor to submit their own or known good practice cases. The aim of this call then is to identify a range of leading example of UBC and to collect and document this variety of activities and approaches and to integrate them into describing the State of European UBC.

The 50 cases selected will be published by the European Commission in a UBC good practice report. As an example, you can see the previous case study report here.

What can you submit?

The case could focus on successful UBC on a number of different levels:
  • an individual academic, group, faculty or business unit,
  • an academic institution or a successful relationship between university and business from the perspective of the university,
  • a business or a successful relationship between university and business from the perspective of the business,
  • a region or network which involves successful interaction between university and business.
The case could highlight how:
  • barriers to UBC have been overcome,
  • incentives and rewards were used successfully to stimulate UBC,
  • policy mechanisms were introduced to support greater UBC,
  • strategies supporting UBC were successfully introduced and developed,
  • new structures (e.g. centres/ offices) or positions supporting UBC were successfully introduced and developed,
  • programmes or activities supporting UBC were successfully introduced,
  • indicators or ways of efficiently measuring UBC,
  • cultural change supporting greater UBC was successfully introduced.
The case can highlight successful cooperation between university and business focussed on (i) one UBC activity or conversely the case can more broadly explain (ii) a UBC relationship or approach that involves multiple forms of cooperation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:
Victoria Galan Muros

P: +34 690 29 26 32

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